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What people are saying about Aviva


Drastic changes in eating generally produce results… but those changes are hard to maintain. Anything people go “on” they go “off,” and often people plateau, or gain back even more than they initially lost. Restrictions lead to shame, built, and, ultimately, failure.

Because we use only licensed psychologists and therapists in hypnotherapy, we bring the ability to combine hypnosis with traditional therapeutic techniques. By adding exercise guidelines and nutritional consults with registered dieticians, we are able to provide a supportive, effective, and safe transition to a healthy lifestyle

Here what some of our patients said about our program:


Hypnosis has given me more control over the types of food I eat and helps me make better choices.
-Female, 67y/o

It has always seemed like such a fight to stick with a diet. Hypnosis is empowering in a whole new way. It gives me strength from within to remain focused on the plan.
-Male, 48 y/o

I have always had such a raging sweet tooth. I am shocked that I can just bypass the cake and head for the grapes. Not because I should, but because I want to!
-Female, 38 y/o

I’m not stressed out about my dieting or worrying about calories. Instead, I focus on listening to when my body is full.
-Female, 26 y/o