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What an UGLY vegetable! |
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What an UGLY vegetable!

by aviva-news on November 24th, 2010

Jicama (pronounced “HIK-uh-mah”) is a legume, orginally found in Mexico, Central and South America. Nearly 90% water, this vegetable is semi-sweet with thin skin and juicy flesh. Sounds pretty delicious right? We’re all about investigating and trying new vegetables on our quest for healthy living, but at first glance, we couldn’t get past our newest vegetable’s *ahem*…unusual look.  According to an article written by Cary Neff for,  Jicama ranges in size from 4 ounces to as much as 6 pounds, but tastes the same whether large or small. It can be prepared in stir-fry and salad, baked or boiled or added to your favorite salsa recipe for a distinctive taste.

Cut up and ready for food preparation, this little guy doesn’t look quite so unattractive at all.

If you’re looking to expand your vegetable repertoire, why not give the jicama a try? For more information about clever ways to use this vegetable, check out the link.

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